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First vaquita found dead in 2018 – March 2018 Update

On March 27 the Mexican Navy recovered a decomposed vaquita. A necropsy was conducted on April 4 and it was confirmed that the animal died from entanglement (see Necropsy Report). The net removal effort continues With fewer than 30 vaquitas … Continue reading

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Vaquita peril persists with on-going illegal totoaba fishing – February 2018 Update

The net removal effort, started by Sea Shepherd’s Operation Milagro in collaboration with the Mexican Navy in 2015, is building to become the biggest yet in the totoaba season currently under way. The initial Sea Shepherd/Navy effort focused on observing … Continue reading

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Insights into Critically Endangered Mekong Dolphin Genetics and What This Means for Conservation

New research has shed light on the genetics of critically endangered Irrawaddy dolphins in the Mekong River. The results are interesting, concerning, hopeful, and a call to action. The study brought together samples collected between 2000 and 2009 and the … Continue reading

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