History of the CSG

The Cetacean Specialist Group was established in the 1960s. For a brief period in the 1970s it was merged with others to form the Marine Mammal Specialist Group. It was then reformed in 1979 and has continued since that time in approximately the same form.

Current Chair                                           Current Deputy Chair
1997-present: Randall R Reeves                 1998-present: Giuseppe Notarbartolo di Sciara

Former Chairs                                          Former Deputy Chairs
1991-1997: Steve Leatherwood                    1992-1997: Randall R. Reeves
1984-1991: Bill Perrin                                    1989-1991: Steve Leatherwood
1979-1984: Mike Tillman                              –
1960s: Masaharu Nishiwaki                         1960s: Sidney Brown