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New Presidential Commission to Save Vaquita Takes First Steps

TweetThe first meetings of the Comisión Asesora de la Presidencia de México para la Recuperación de la Vaquita (Advisory Commission of the Presidency of Mexico for the Recovery of the Vaquita) were held in Mexico City in February and March … Continue reading

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Update on Conservation Efforts for the Vaquita

TweetIn 1997, the Government of México convened a committee of international experts (CIRVA) to advise it on methods to save its endemic porpoise, the vaquita, from extinction. CIRVA met for the fourth time, in February 2012, in Ensenada, México. CIRVA … Continue reading

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Vaquita in decline

TweetNo species, except perhaps the baiji, has been of greater concern to the CSG over the last several decades than Mexico’s endemic Gulf of California porpoise, the vaquita (Phocoena sinus). Already by the time of its scientific discovery and formal … Continue reading

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