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Latest SMM Taxonomy Committee List of Marine Mammal Species Includes Several Species-level Changes

TweetBy Thomas A. Jefferson and Patricia Rosel The Society for Marine Mammalogy’s Committee on Taxonomy publishes a list of marine mammal species of the world and updates it annually.  Recent revisions include many changes at the subspecies level, but here … Continue reading

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There are four (maybe more) separate species of Sousa

TweetBy Peter Corkeron (20th April 2014) Dolphins in the genus Sousa, the humpback dolphins, occur in coastal waters of West Africa, around the Indian Ocean, and in SE Asia and Australia. A recent scientific paper starts to clarify the number … Continue reading

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The Bolivian river dolphin is recognized as a species

TweetIn early 2012, the Bolivian river dolphin, or bufeo, was formally recognized as a species by the Society of Marine Mammalogy’s Committee of Taxonomy. Previously the genus Inia had been considered monospecific with three subspecies of Inia geoffrensis: I. g. … Continue reading

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New Red List Assessments for Two Species of Finless Porpoises

TweetCSG member John Wang and collaborators recently presented strong morphological and molecular evidence for reproductive isolation of two main forms of finless porpoises in sympatry, leading to the conclusion that there are at least two biological species: the Indo-Pacific finless … Continue reading

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